conf:5: missing module argument?

conf:5: missing module argument?

Post by john gregory mille » Wed, 02 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I just compiled 2.2.14 and have had trouble getting modules to work
correctly.  I eventually had to recompile the kernel with the modules I
need actually built in.  However, I continue to get this message when I
run depmod.  Here is what it says:

conf:5: missing module argument

can't open

What does this mean?  When I explicitly tell it 'depmod -a 2.2.14' it

conf:5: missing module argument

/lib/modules/2.2.14/modules.dep does not exist

But there IS a modules.dep file there.  Does this mabye have to do with
the /boot/module-info file?  I don't know how to generate a module-info
file for my new kernel.  The Kernel How-To didn't even say that the had to be placed in the /boot directory.  Am I missing
something?  After the kernel was compiled, I did a 'make modules' and then
'make modules_install'.  Is there another step?  Thanks in advance.



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