Dial-ups not Traveling

Dial-ups not Traveling

Post by Keith Armstro » Tue, 29 Oct 1996 04:00:00

        Please,  I'm on the verge of a divorece, and going crazy I really
need someones help that has a better handle on this than I, it would be worth
a reward $$$$$  if one of you could help me understand this better and get
this up and running properly.                                                
    I'm trying to setup a Linux 2.0  kernal box with a cyclades 16 multi port
card. I want to upgrade to get past the 16 channel barrier with Cslip and Dip
that's presently running my olderLinux system.  Would love to be able to
switch overto PPP if I can.  I've installed mgetty to act as a termial for
dial-ins only.
  I used a Win box to dial in (TEST) using trumpet and it answered me with a  
with full login including returning a ping, but I couldn't travel any where
using Netscape,etc..  I'm really clueless on  how much of the old system is
going to be used with mgetty,etc/defaults,inittab, etc.
   This is my configs so far for Cslip I tried.. (Oh yes IP fowarding
and gatewaying is configed in the kernal..

 /etc/inittab   d1:23:respawn:sbin/mgetty /dev/ttyCy

  /dev   crw-rw-r-- 1 uucp uucp 19, 0 Oct.17...ttyCy

 /etc/rc.d/rc.serial   ${SETSERIAL} /dev/ttyCy spd_vhi

 ttyCy::206.58.XXX.XXX:206.58.XXX.XXX:"line 1"

   So when I couldn't getCslip to work I switched over to PPP and
 I could'nt get Win95 or win trumpet to login Automatically, but
 when I tried manual login using trumpet it logged in a linux shell
 I can telnet or ping anywhere as if I where at my terminal but if
 I hit the esc key to enable a ppp session it's the end of the line
 can't travel anywhere..I'm missing part of the picture here..
    My PPP config. setting whereas follows..

d1:23:respawn/sbin/mgetty /dev/ttyCy


   AutoPPP/  -  ppp  /usr/sbin/pppd crtscts modem auth -chap +pap login
proxyarp server:client

   Please:  Help, I've no
one to turn to on this.. and I can't let it go untell it works or prove it
doesn't..I've been working on it for month straight now and it's starting to
really get to me .....


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