FTP RH 5.2 -> RH 5.2 = NFT (No File Transfer)

1. RH 5 --> RH 5.2: probs

I have been running RH 5.0 with kernel 2.0.34.x (IIRC) and a friend offered
me a 5.2 CDROM to upgrade with. I used the installation diskette that came
with RH 5.0, and selected upgrade, but somewhere in the process a
message comes up in the background:
        "Unable to open /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc for reading. No such FSelect
installation path"

Seems obvious that I'm looking at two separate messages that are competing
for the same lines on the screen: It's not finding rpmrc, and it wants me
to suggest a different path to it. Problems are:
        a) I'm not sure rpmrc exists (though I've used RPM), or where; and
        b) the screen in question doesn't offer a space where I can enter
           the new path.

In a related (maybe) matter,I thought I'd play with glint. However, when I
select "available" it looks at the cdrom and finds nothing available. glint
is configured to look at /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS/ and that directory on the
CDROM does contain lots of rpm files. A possible clue here is that the
terminal window from which I invoke glint has, among other messages,
"Exception in Tkinter callback"

So , WTF?

Is there some completely different way I can upgrade using the CDROM?

Thanks for any insight.


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