multiple leases on dualboot clients

multiple leases on dualboot clients

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Hello folks,

All u people using isc dhcp server.
I have a problem with clients getting 2 leases due to the client
identifier thing.....

Is there a solution that does not involve rewriting the source code to
the ISC server?
The unique client identifier sent by XP can not be ignored by using any
options in the dhcpd.conf file, i have realized that after some
research. It is not supported because it is a violation of the rfc.
My conclusion is unless i write some code to fix this i will have to
make gigantic host declarations in my config file or manipulate the
client id sent by my xp clients so that it does not send any value to
the dhcp server (if possible)
The environment is dualboot pxe clients, (Novell Zenworks 7). ISC
Are my conclusions correct, or is there a smarter solution to this
problem? Using microsoft dhcp is not an option right now..... :-)


1. Can multiple clients share the same RPC client handle?????


Can child processes spawned from the same client parent process share the same RPC
client handle???? I realize that I will have to limit the use of the handle to 1
child at a time using a semaphore or file lock, but is it possible???

The reason i want to do this is because my server is complaining that it has too
many clients, does anybody know what the limit is and whether it can be increased
or not.

Many thanks in advance,



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