Bloody networks won't network >.<

Bloody networks won't network >.<

Post by Duck » Tue, 12 Mar 2002 09:55:38

Tried to set-up a NAT on an old 4x86 using rh7.2. I get it up and running
both NICs, and start using iptables for routing and do all the
reconfigurations to disable ipchains and add ipv4_forward. anyways after I
got it routing I noticed that after about a minute of being up the *y
thing stops routing. so I disabled ipv4_forward (service network restart #
cause it's not in my network config at this point), then I stop iptables.
now try to use lynx to check the net for info, and well goes down again
after about a minute. so now i've switched CPUs swaped Video cards and NIC
PCI slots. rebuilding the whole system as we speak. anyways, I'm thinking
this won't work, and there's probably a config problem somewere along the
line. but I been scouring the system for the past 2 days and can't find a
thing wrong. the route tables seem fine. I can ping the local network no
prob. (had ping running from server -> client and client -> server for
like 2 hours and i didn't get 1 lost packet). I try to ping out to any
server after a network restart, or after a fresh boot and I can ping for
about a minute, then all stop to that network >.< I'm going to swap the
interface that has the network connection after the rebuild, but i'm sure
it's not HW. So anyone know why I can do anything on my local network from
the server, but if the server tries to get out for anything after a minute
it won't work? (ummm... iptables and ipchains arn't running,
ipv4forwarding isn'trunning, my head hurts, and i'm running out of
coffee >.<)

Version: 3.12





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