Novell Netware clients crash Linux IPX-router

Novell Netware clients crash Linux IPX-router

Post by Achie L » Wed, 06 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,

I've been experiencing the following problem:
I've got 2 networks connected to each other via a leased line using
PPP supporting both IPX and TCP/IP. That works great. I can see all
servers from both sides of the network and I can log into any server
from anywhere if I use ncpmount on either one of the Linux gateway
machines that set up the PPP link and are IPX routers, too.
If I try to log in on a Novell server over the PPP-link with a DOS
client or with Windows 95 then I get:
Stack dumps, Segmentation Faults, a* Linux machine, and/or
system reboots. This all can happen on the Linux gateway/IPX-router at
the side of the Novell server, when trying to log into a Novell

Does someone know how to fix this? Is there anybody who has a working
setup like above?


Achie Lin