need help using multicast

need help using multicast

Post by Amir Noa » Fri, 17 Nov 2000 04:00:00


I'm a newbie to socket programming, and need some help using muticast.

I need to send muticast UDP packets using a specific port (I have an NT
machine that listens to that port and to the same muticast address).
However, whenever I use sendto() (after configuring the socket to use
muticast, of course), all that's sent to the network are IGMP messages
(to the correct muticast address). For my testing I only have those 2
machines connected to my LAN, so there is no router to answer the IGMP

My question is, how do I get my Linux machine to sent the UDP packets
and not IGMP?

Thanks in advance,



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Is there anyone out there who has used the multicast networking features
of Solaris via TLI?  Yes, there is some information available on how
to use these features via sockets but that is not good enough.  Any
source code examples would be most helpfull :-)

I would also like to know if there is anything lurking out there in
multicast-land that I should be aware of?


Zia Bhatti

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