NIS Setup

NIS Setup

Post by Dave Ne » Sat, 17 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I am attempting to move a NIS master server from Solaris
to a Linux system, kernel=2.2.5 with a RH 5.2 distribution
updated for the 2.2.X kernel, ypserv - NYS YP Server version
1.3.6 (with securenets), & ypbind version 3.3-glibc3.

There are over 250 entries in the NIS passwd/shadow file on
the Solaris system so I copied these files to the new Linux
master in directory /etc/yp. Next, I updated the /var/yp/Makefile to
find the passwd in /etc/yp and followed the instructions
in the NIS Howto in setting up a master server. Everything
executed fine except after shutting down the old Solaris
server and rebooting the new Linux master server,
no one could log on. On any of the clients, I could
su to any user, execute ypmatch, and ypwhich provided the
name of the new Linux master server. The ypserv daemon
on the Linux master started with no errors.

The nsswitch.conf looks like

passwd:     files nis
shadow:     files nis
group:      files nis

hosts:      files dns nis

Any thoughts on what I may have missed or why this
is not working.

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      I wonder if NIS+ development on Linux is realy stopped. And if
someone out there has any clue to give me about athoner software
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      Thanks a lot.


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