multicast routing

multicast routing

Post by Thorsten H. Niebuh » Wed, 31 Jan 2001 01:44:38

HI !

First: I am not that familiar with Linux, but i am able to compile a kernel.

Heres the problem

We are a training-center with 10 classrooms. the classrooms are prepared
with images and Norton Multicast Server /clients.
Before, we havent any trouble with that configuration. Now, i have to
seperate the net: each classroom one ip-subnet.
Because of that a tried to set up a linux router with dhcp-relay enabled. No
problem so far. Then, I tried to recompile the kernel for multicast and for
preperation of using mrouted, the multicast routing solution for Linux. I
used mrouted 3.9beta3. The Kernel is 2.2.14.

When i start a multicast-session, the client receives a proper IP-Adress
with dhcp, all parameters are correct. But the client cant connect with the
server.BTW, the Server is just 2 Hops away.
Starting mrouted -d, the mrouted finds his vifs0 and vifs1, sending
neighbor-request. When the multicast-client is up, the mrouted recognized it
as vif-multicast-member. shortly after that the kernel states an "warning:
setsockopt MRZ_ADD_MFC invalid argument error". what does that mean ?
is there anybody who managed to set up multicast routing with Norton Ghost ?
I tried the w2k, Nt and the netware Multicast-server, none of them worked.
any hints ?



1. adding multicast route to the kernel

Hi all,

I have a question which probably has a very simple answer.  I'm trying
to insert multicast routes into the kernel using setsockopt with
MRT_ADD_MFC on an IGMP socket... just like most multicast routing

What I want to do is to be able to say "all multicast packets going to
<mcast addr> from any source coming in from <incoming interface>
should go out on <outgoing interface>".  Now, I've looked at smcroute
code and pimd code.  What should mfcctl.mfcc_origin be set to when I
do the setsockopt() call?  Should it be set to ?  That doesn't
seem to work.  What value signifies "all IP addresses"??

I looked at ipmr_input() in ipmr.c in the kernel sources and found
that it does a "straight" cache lookup.  I mean, it just takes the
source IP address and the destination multicast address from the IP
datagram and does a cache lookup.  It doesn't try to do a "wildcard"

However, I know that routing daemons like PIMD have to add routes of
the form
(*, G).  And I did find that they set mfcctl.mfcc_origin to
But I'm not sure how it works for PIMD.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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