Samba/mgetty/printfax problem

Samba/mgetty/printfax problem

Post by r » Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Well, I finally found what I was looking for for faxing
(respond+printfax).  It works, however, I am having one slight problem:
faxspool does not seem to run!  I know that faxspool runs manually, and
the paths are correct in suggestions?

1. win to linux dialin, samba, ppp, mgetty?

Here's my situation:
I have 2 computers connected via modem. One computer still runs on win98
the other is a redhat 6.0 linux machine.
The linux machine is configured for dialout with kppp.
What i want to do is copying files from the win to the linux machine.
Which programs do i need , samba, ppp, mgetty ... ?
I have already read  many howto's but the more i read the more it's

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