Debian/Sarge & BTOpenworld with BT Voyager 1040 PCI card

Debian/Sarge & BTOpenworld with BT Voyager 1040 PCI card

Post by Martin Dowi » Mon, 11 Oct 2004 16:50:08

Anyone managed to get there BT Openworld account working with a BT Voyager
1040 PCI Card? I'm going to try this under Debian/Sarge and am looking for
points, experience reports, things to avoid, etc.


-- Martin


1. USB 6in1 Multi-Card-Reader and Debian Sarge

Hi all...

does anyone have proper experiences on how USB Multi-Card-Readers are
detected and recognized by Linux 2.4.2x? Before I buy one, I'd like to
have some ideas on how to work with these little buggers :) since almost
no manufacturer states anything about Linux support in their manuals.
I've read some things here about mass storage scsi emulation - is there
anything more to do than recompiling the Kernel with USB mass storage
support (with no low level drivers since 99% of the available devices
are not the ones the Kernel offers direct LL support for) to be able to
mount a CF Card or a Memory Stick?

Thanx for any comments...

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