NEWBIE: Need Help Getting PPP & Ethernet to work together

NEWBIE: Need Help Getting PPP & Ethernet to work together

Post by Jonathan Bru » Sat, 01 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I am attempting to get my ethernet and ppp to work in conjunction but
I am having difficulty.  Essentially I would like to dial up to an
internet provider with ppp(using dip) and once connected have 1-2
other computers in the room connected to the ppp(linux box) via
ethernet so they can also access the internet.  I can connect
successfully to the internet provider but the only sites I can access
are my own ip and the internet providers, I can not go anywhere else.
Yet when I disconnect my ethernet card and run dip again I can connect
anywhere, obviously the ethernet is not working correctly with my ppp
line.  Any ideas why this is so?

to my dilemma I would appreciate it.  Btw, yes I have looked through
Olaf Kirch's networking guide as well as the Net-2 HOWTO and I can't
figure out how to set up my system.  If anyone has a system like this
and can tell me how to set it up I would appreciate it.  Thanks.


1. Newbie Needs Help Getting PCMCIA Ethernet on PB2400c

Hello all,

   I don't do much linux, so the main reason I'm even attempting this is to
learn. My PowerBook 2400 wasn't doing much, so I figured it would make a
wonderful candidate.

   I received a pre-release copy of Yellow Dog Linux about a week ago, and
last night got around to installing it on the PowerBook. I then realized I
couldn't talk to the net... this thing has two PCMCIA slots, and I'm
running a GlobalVillage 56k Modem/10Base-T Ethernet Combo card.

   I went over to the SourceForge and looked into the PCMCIA-cs package,
but it's all a little beyond me. I have no idea how to install all of this
stuff... I did manage to compile... but after that I have no idea what to
do. Will this card even work?

   Anyhow, I'd greatly appreciate any help anybody can possibly give me. I
realize that it's a pain to help people like me, but I'd appreciate it. If
you reply to this message, could you also send a copy of the reply to my

there has time to teach me what the hell I'm trying to do ;-) heh

Thanks in advance!

Jack Frost IV

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