how to ppp(win95) - pppd(linux)+eth0 -- lan -- win95

how to ppp(win95) - pppd(linux)+eth0 -- lan -- win95

Post by Lance Holme » Tue, 13 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm looking for some pointers on setting up linux as a ppp router of tcp/ip
and IPX.  I'd like a remote computer to be able to dial into my linux box
and have it routed onto my lan such that tcp/ip traffic and IPX would work.

If this is set up correctly will the remote computer appear in the
network neighborhood of the other machines?



1. Linux router supporting Win95&98 workstations - Win95 cannot find other LAN hosts

I have built the following LAN:
Pentium 90 with two NICs running as a router under Redhat 6.1. Eth0 accesses
my cable modem ISP, RoadRunner, while Eth1 supports a LAN with two machines,
one Win 95, one Win 98.  The two Win machines were configured with static IP
addresses - & 3, the Linux machine is  The Linux
/etc/hosts file shows all machine names with the appropriate IP addresses.
I use IP chains and  IPv4 forwarding to allow the two Win machines to access
the internet via RoadRunner.

The Win machines have no problems accessing the Internet, or AOL for that

My problem is as follows:  The Win 98 machine can ping the Win 95 machine
using both its static ip address and its host name.  The Win 95 machine can
ping the Win 98 machine using only its static ip address, pinging with the
Win 98 host name results in an unkown host error.  Using the "find computer"
option in Win 98, the Win 95 machine is found with no problems and any
shared files can be accessed by the Win 98 machine.  The Win 95 machine
cannot "find" the Win 98 machine.  The machines are configured for TCP/IP
only - for Internet DNS they are configured to use the RoadRunner DNS with
the Linux router as Gateway.

I can add NetBEUI as an additional protocol for the two Win machines and
everything on the LAN works as it should and they can still access the
Internet via TCP/IP.   However, I would be interested in running the LAN as
TCP/IP only and so any help in figuring out the problem would be
appreciated.  Why does the Win 98 machine behave very well while the Win 95
machine doesn't seem to be able to find LAN resources?


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