PPP Speed Vs Line Speed

PPP Speed Vs Line Speed

Post by Christopher Winge » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I am sure this has been hashed out a billion times, but I have not
been able to find any links to it.

1)  Why is the throughput so different between ftp running on PPP and
    a straight Zmodem download via a comm package?  From what I
    understand the TCP overhead on a PPP packet is about 5 bytes per
    packet, given a 1500 MTU, the administrative overhead should be
    VERY small.

2)  Which is faster PPP or Compressed SLIP?  The NET-2-HOWTO, has
    a paragraph on it, the paragraph leads me to believe that you
    should only use PPP when you have to.  Maybe I'm interpreting it

Can anyone point me to any links or answer these questions?



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1. Speed..Speed..Speed

Am currently running a K6-2 300Mhz processor with 128Mb of 100 Mhz
memory and considering
upgrading to a faster board and processor. I am pursuing a project which
will require scads of floating point
calculations on large arrays..the results of which are written back out
to disk..about 500 Mbytes worth.
So I'm looking at the new high end processors..PII/PIII and discover
this PII Xeon chip.

Does anyone have any experience with this chip? It very expensive..about
$900. A dual Xeon board from
SuperMicro with both processors runs over $2000. So how much faster is
this chip?  Intel's web site
says it has a 512K L2 cache (even more expensive versions have 1Mb and
2Mb cache) which runs
at PROCESSOR SPEED .. 400 Mhz in this case. The comparable PII-400 chip
has a smaller(?) L2 cache
which runs at 1/2 chip speed. The comparable AMD K6-2 400 chip has a 1Mb
L2 cache but it is off chip
and accessed by the 100 Mhz bus.

So there you have it. Is the Xeon really worth double the PII price or
triple the K6-2 price?
As far as I can see.. the main difference is the L2 cache speed. Has
anybody seen any benchmarks
on this chip vis-a-via "comparable chips?

Jim M.

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