Please, please, please- can anyone provide any help?

Please, please, please- can anyone provide any help?

Post by Jonatha » Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I'm sorry, but I am cracking up here!

I do really enjoy working with Linux, but have a couple of real killers here
that I ***REALLY*** would appreciate if someone, somewhere, could give any
help to at all! Really- stick your dog on the terminal - just hit the send
button- that would be enough!

1) I have no "make" command. <sniff!>. make <anything> gives "bash:make:
command not found". A search of the disk reveals nothing.
All documentation I have refers to the "make" command- has this been
replaced with something else in redHat? (shudders at the implications). Or
is this different in "bash"? (PS- yes, I have run this from a privd.
account- root / su.)

2) I cannot find a driver for my Ethernet card (leaf ISA, dos reports
ISA3004 "ndi"). As no one on comp.os.linux or redhat.config can produce any
hints at this, I am trying to "handrolically" install.

a) redhat set-up installation requests the IRQ. How can I find this on
Linux? I have been trying the default factory version of 0x300, but this
seems to be occupied on boot up.Is there really no way to "scan" slots to
see where to set it (a-la- Windoze dare I say it?)
The boot messages shows "No NE card found at <address>.

An ifconfig -eth0 reports the card to be in loopback mode, with 0 packets
Network Config reports the status of eth0 to be "inactive".
Hitting "activate" seems to work- but when you step back into netconfig- the
status is "inactive" once more.
/etc/sysconfig/network seems OK by me- hostname etc all OK (No gateway
specified). my HOSTNAME and hosts files are all as I would expect (as in on
Solaris / HP-UX, etc!)

3) PNP is set to "no" in the /etc/pcmia directory.
    The init.d pcmia reference ends up with a reference to /etc/isapnp.conf-
which is not present.
    An echo $PNP returns blank ( I notice that there is a refence to if $PNP
in one of the start up files.
    I therefore deduce that my system has not configured P&P....

4) The above makes me think that the only thing to do, realistically, is
re-install. However, the boot up disk created from the "Walnut Creek" CD Rom
I have (VIEW), when booted from simply boots the system.
Is there any way that I can simply invoke the  install prog without going to
a dos diskette (and surely that is a major failing of the whole project!!!)
& FIPS the disk to DOS / deleting/ fips'ing again etc?

Any help with the above would be really, but really appreciated!!!

Many thanks for anything forthcoming,

a highly frustrated Jon,
with a large fist-sized dent in a filing cabinet.

(Nb. how the <expletive removed> do we ever expect a newbie to install this
lot? I spent 3 days wrestling with VIEW simply not working on a given floppy
drive, 1 day as LILO didn't (it "LI" ed! And that was it.) 2 hours to do the
tour of Afterstep, install & run Apache + CGI scripts + HTML stuff, and now
2 days trying to sort a basic ethernet card requirement- it took 15 mins for
the Windowz at the other end of the cable- perish the thought!)


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/etc/mail/ contains

Mail is recieved by the server, but mailq gives me:

                                (Deferred: Name server:
host name lookup failed)

The DNS is set up okay as far as I can see...

Should the last full stop be there in the deferred message?  If not, where
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