redhat7.3 nfs server time outs

redhat7.3 nfs server time outs

Post by Steve Jun » Fri, 15 Nov 2002 23:42:18

Copying files from a standard Unix system to a mounted partician from a
linux pc
takes eternity.

NFS3 server not responding still trying
NFS3 server ok

repeated over and over again.

I've tried with NFS version 2 and have also reduced the wsize to 8k but this
has no effect.

Any ideas?


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I wrote a socket client to stream email to an SMTP server - it does
the job.  I use a non-blocking socket and for each read interaction I
use select to check for a response (I'm already working on a version
to use poll instead).  Out of ~500,000 emails a day I get ~3,000 time
outs waiting to read a response from the server - not a big deal, but
I'm not sure that I should see any given that the time out is 2

Any thoughts?  Here's some more info: Solaris 8 (with latest patch
set), tcp_nodelay is on, keep-alive is on.

Should I be looking more at the SMTP server than my client code?


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