MPICH to display verbose SSH output

MPICH to display verbose SSH output

Post by M » Wed, 11 Feb 2004 10:18:39

Is it possible for mpirun to show the verbose output from the SSH commands
it runs?  As in, pass -vvv to SSH, and have it show that output on stdout?
If I could do that, I could probably fix the problem myself, and not have
to bother you folks ;-)

Thanks for any help I get...

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1. Verbose output vs. discarding output

Shell is ksh

I want to add a [-v] switch to a shell function to either be verbose or,
in the absense of this switch, send all stdout and stderr to /dev/null.

What is the best practice for this?

Something like

[Use getopts or regular command line processing to set $verbose]

[[ ! -z $verbose ]] && output=/dev/fd/0 || output=/dev/null
exec 1>$output 2>&1

Does the 'exec' apply to the calling script as well? (I dont want it to)

Any other way to do this? Thanks

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