problems with my routes

problems with my routes

Post by rabbit rabbit on the firs » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I've got a problem with my routes on my Redhat 5.1 box.  

It's configured for ethernet, static IP address, but the initial settings
for the broadcast, route, and netmask addresses where wrong when i set up
the machine.  i changed them with the route and ifconfig commands, but
when i reboot, they I not saving the data somewhere, or
forgetting to do some option?  any help would be appreciated.

here's machine info courtesy of uname -a

Linux 2.0.34 #1 Fri May 8 16:05:57 EDT 1998 i486



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I have an IBM RS/6000 server running AIX 4.3.  We have changed just changed
our network addresses from a network with a mask of
and gateway of to an IP of 10.x.42.0 network with a mask of and a gateway of 10.x.32.1.  I cannot ping outside of this
network meaning 10.x.0.x or 10.x.64.x.  I have made the changes in smit
an looked at the static routes.  I don't beleive I should need to out
additional static routes in.  The router/gateway should forward this.  Or am
I wrong.

Please help!

I have 86 people that will need to use this server on Monday morning.

Any thoughts?

Tim Kruse

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