Serving Dynamic SLIP??

Serving Dynamic SLIP??

Post by Rafal Maszkows » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00

: Is there an elegant way to do dynamic SLIP addressing on a Linux box
: being used as a server? I have used Linux to dial _into_ a dynamic SLIP
: server, but everything I've read said that I had to assign an IP address
: to each user on the system before they ever logged in.

Look into sliplogin (on major sites). It is not dynamic really but
almost (kinda fixed-dynamic).


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1. serving dynamic documents with Apache - Pragma: no-cache, Last-Modified, etc.


What is the proper way to manage proxy caching with Apache?

We have many pages which are generated using server side includes,
and are having problems with Prodigy (and maybe other big service
providers) caching the pages when they really should not be cached
at all, or should have a lifetime of about an hour.

What method can I use to ensure that most, if not all proxies out there
will "do the right thing" with our pages (not cache at all, or if we
want, cache for about an hour)?

I have heard about the "Pragma: no-cache" and "Last-Modified" headers, but
I don't know which proxies use them or how to get Apache to generate

From looking at the Apache source, it looks like the only way to get
Apache to generate a "Pragma: no-cache" is with negotiated content,
and its treatment of "Last-Modified" depends on proxies not caching
if it does not exist. I have no idea how standard the latter behavior

So, how to I get "Pragma: no-cache" and or "Last-Modified" headers in
our dynamically created pages?

thank you for your time,

Dwayne Fontenot

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