cern http daemon's cache ability?

cern http daemon's cache ability?

Post by Vincent Ch » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00


  I am wondering under what situation this daemon will
cache hypertext request? I have cache option enabled
in my configuration file but can't see any thing in the
specified cache directory.

Thanks for any comment.


Vincent Chen

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1. CERN http daemon configuration

I am running the NSCA (formerly CERN) http daemon
on HPUX.  When users attach to the web pages using
any web browser running in windows, the GIF files
do not completely load, this problem does not
happen with UNIX based browsers.

Is there a configuration option I missed somewhere,
or did I miss something when I compiled the system.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly

Ted Flemmer

<<... Just looked at the site via FTP (on a hunch)
and found that the images did not load from that
daemon either...>>

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