Subnets VLANs and Broadcasts

Subnets VLANs and Broadcasts

Post by Art VanDela » Sun, 10 Feb 2002 09:35:08

I have a few general questions:

What determines who hears a broadcast?

If I had 2 groups of computers on a HUB in 2 different subnets (A & B) - If
a host in subnet A sent a broadcast who hears it? - With a hub that traffic
is sent to all ports regardless of subnets right?

In the same scenerio, what if both subnets are on a switch??? Who would hear
the subnet? What ports receive the traffic? All ports that have members in
the subnet? Or all ports?

What would be the benefit of seperating 2 segments with a VLAN be????

I might be better off describing my scenerio:

In our office, we have 4 servers, we also have two types of computers -
Employee computers and student computers (we are a training facility) We
currently only have hubs, (10 / 100) and are looking at adding at least one
switch. We are basically wanting to allow all the training computers to only
access 2 servers - one for DHCP and files, the other as an internet gateway.
The employee computers need access to all servers.

One solution I was thinking of doing was putting each group into a subnet,
and in the 2 servers that the students need access to adding another NIC.
And adding IPs for those NICs. If I did this all a hub does is repeat what
is hears right? So even if I did this if the subnets were on the same hub,
it is still going to east up bandwidth right?

Also, and ideas on what would be the best solution would be great.

My thought is the get 1 good cisco switch (2924XL) and have seperate VLAN
groups for the computers and make the ports the 2 servers are on a member of
each VLAN.

Are 2 goals are to make the network fast for all, and provide better



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Hello All,

2 HACMP questions:

1. HACMP requires the service and backup adapters are in different
subnet. Usually different subnet is in different VLAN in our
networking. So I think  in HACMP the service and backup adapters have
to be in the same VLAN although they are in different subnets,
otherwise after the standby takeover it cannot communicate with the
network. Is that correct?

2. We are planning to implement HACMP mutual takeover with 2 nodes.
Every node has 1 sevice and 1 standby ethernet adapters. Our architect
decided the 2 service network interfaces will be in different subnet
in order to avoid single-point-of-failure of networking. I've never
configured HACMP like that before. Can the service adapters be in
differnet subnet?  I just feel something wrong with that but cannot
tell what is wrong.
Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.


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