ISDN4Linux and Ethernet?

ISDN4Linux and Ethernet?

Post by Chris Schumache » Sun, 22 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi Folks:
does anybody know how to setup a linux-box both running "i4l" and
ethernet connections?
I installed "i4l" succsessfully. No problem to connect to my ISP but
since there no ethernet connection to or from this machine is possible.

looking forward to hearing from you ...



1. ISDN4Linux and encap ethernet


I have to route IP and IPX over an ISDN link. For this I configured
the ISDN-interfaces with 'isdnctrl encap isdnX ethernet'.
The ifconfig and routing is set like for an ethernet card (own subnet
for the ISDN link). If I try to ping between the ISDN interfaces the
ARP works and I see the correct MAC adresses in the ARP table on both

The counter for the ISDN-interfaces in /proc/net/dev counts all the
traffic correctly. But it seems that the packets are not reaching the
IP layer.
I get no ping echo.

Can anyone help me? This is really urgent.

Thanks a lot.

Ciao, Michael.

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