How to read all the route table entries using netlink sockets

How to read all the route table entries using netlink sockets

Post by Sharanba » Tue, 09 Dec 2003 19:42:58

Hello All,
Could anyone tell me how to read the route table entries one by one
using netlink sockets

1. How Do Routing Table Entries Get Added to Routing Table at Bootup?

I have, what I think, is a simple question for the TCP/IP guys out there
who are familar with routing tables on AIX 4.1.5/4.2.1 in an IBM SP
environment. Or maybe not.

I have recently noticed that when I execute a 'netstat -r' on a
particular node in the SP environment, there are routing table entries
that I know I didn't put in there. I have to delete these "unwelcomed"
entries and re-add the correct ones. This is undesireable and maybe a
quick crash course in routing tables is justified. These unwelcomed
routing table entries seem to be automatically added right after I have
IPL'ed the node in question.

How did these routing table entries get added in the routing table? Does
anybody know the process?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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