Network unreachable - REPOST - Cat deleted answer

Network unreachable - REPOST - Cat deleted answer

Post by John McK » Mon, 22 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Some kind person sent me an email concerning how to deal with "default route" problem I'm having as
discussed in the second paragraph below, and as I was reading the email (you're not going to believe
this) my cat walked across the keyboard, stepping on the "Del" key.  My email reader (Agent) offers
no recovery mechanism once email is deleted, so I'm appealing to the Good Samaritan to resend his
words of wisdom on how to deal with default routing.


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Hi Steph,

Here's what I do to get around that same problem.  It seems that eth0 is the default route, and
you're actually pinging your internal network.  After starting X, I first issue the command:
route del default

Then I open the Network Configurator from Control Panel, select interfaces, select ppp0, and click
Active button.  This initiates the dial-out and I'm connected properly.  I don't know why, but if I
reboot, the default route is restored, so I have to go through this routine each time.  It feels
like a kludge, but, hey, I'm still learning.


>Hi, I've come to grief with my new installation of Slack 3.6 -- I'd appreciate
>it if anyone had any ideas.

>My ethernet network works absolutely fine, set that one up no probs.

>But in dialing up to my ISP nothing happens

>I used a shell script my ISP gave me to set up dial-up which worked ok -- it
>dialed up but then PAP kicked me off.

>I got PAP to work by changing my /etc/ppp/pap-secrets file from:

>username ppp0 password


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John McKee

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1. A possible answer to "network unreachable"

Some experimenting with /etc/route has shown the following:

/etc/inconfig eth0 mayhem broadcast netmask
/etc/route add localhost
/etc/route add
/etc/route add default gw

Doesn't work; gives "SIOCADRT: Network unreachable."

/etc/inconfig eth0 mayhem broadcast netmask
/etc/route add localhost
/etc/route add localnet
/etc/route add default gw

Works fine, where localnet is defined in /etc/networks to do

Wierd behavior, but it's another solution to this problem.

Jacob DeGlopper, EMT-A    |    Case Western Reserve University

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