Secure RPC/Secure NFS for Linux?

Secure RPC/Secure NFS for Linux?

Post by Harald Weidn » Wed, 13 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Does an implementation of Sun's Secure RPC / Secure NFS exist
for Linux?

What is the legal status of Secure RPC/NFS?

Harald Weidner 


1. Looking for data on secure logins, NFS via secure RPC

I wrote an internal whitepaper on NT's Network security mechanisms,
and now my boss (a heavy MS fan) wants the same for UNIX for

NT has weak SMB (Server Message Block) security attaching to new
network shares (sends username/password/domain in SMB request),
when attaching to new shares on an existing server (only uses an
assigned UID), but uses strong initial login security (encrypts
username/password/domain in DES & MD4, sends DES & MD4 encrypted
password across net in secure encrypted channel and receives user
SIDs from server).  NT 4.0 beta software seems to allow existing users
full access to protected network directories on NT 3.51 SP3 systems.

Now the question:

Is there a reference to strong _network_ login and NFS security mechanisms
for UNIX?  I am looking for packages that use Secure RPC-type mechanisms
for logins, NFS mounts, etc.  Hopefully I can obtain a document that
describes step-by-step the authentication/access or token granting process.
It would also be nice if I could refer to the tools as generic UNIX tools,
not Solaris-only NIS+.

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