Sending mail to probs

Sending mail to probs

Post by Bill Dosset » Wed, 29 May 1996 04:00:00

I am stumped, for lack of knowledge no doubt...

I am running slackware linux, kernel 1.2.5

I can't mail to any addresses on
I can mail to most other addresses.

Mail sits in my mail queue saying

reply: read error from

This happens when I use elm to mail and
when users using Eudora use my Linux
box as a mail host.

What gets me is that I can run sendmail by
hand and mail to addresses using

and this test message gets there fine (from the
same Linux system)  

I presumed that this would be the way that elm would use
sendmail more or less, but I can't seem to get the debug
function of elm to work so I can see what is happening...
I think my is more or less ok, I mail to
places all over the world...  enough babble, any help
would be hugely appreciated.

oh yeah finally, I noticed that the Mail Exchangers
for are both preference 10 ( I thought you
weren't supposed to have two mail exchangers with
the same preference?... but I don't think that
is what is breaking it.)

Two wheels good,
four wheels bad.
public key


1. Can send mail out but can't send mail in?

Hello all,

What is the possible cause that I can't send mail in but
can send mail out.

The machine was called
and now it's called
 Telent and ftp are OK.

If I want to send mail from
into this box, I got the error message:
From Mailer-Daemon Sun Oct 22 17:14:57 1995
Return-Path: <Mailer-Daemon>
Received: from ( by (4.1/SMI-4.1)
        id AA11008; Sun, 22 Oct 95 17:14:53 EDT
Received: from by with bsmtp
        (Smail3.1.28.1 #9) id m0t6ksE-0004DQC; Sat, 21 Oct 95 16:50 EDT

Date: Sat, 21 Oct 95 16:50 EDT

Subject: mail failed, returning to sender

Status: RO

|------------------------- Failed addresses follow: ---------------------|

|------------------------- Message text follows: ------------------------|
Received: from by with smtp
        (Smail3.1.28.1 #9) id m0t6ksE-0004DPC; Sat, 21 Oct 95 16:50 EDT
Received: from by with smtp
        (Smail3.1.28.1 #9) id m0t6ksD-0004DOC; Sat, 21 Oct 95 16:50 EDT
Received: from by with smtp
        (Smail3.1.28.1 #9) id m0t6ksD-0004DPC; Sat, 21 Oct 95 16:50 EDT
Received: from by with smtp
        (Smail3.1.28.1 #9) id m0t6ksD-0004DOC; Sat, 21 Oct 95 16:50 EDT

any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

Virginia Tech
EE Department
Graduate Student
Ta-Cheng Lin


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