lpd ignoring the hosts.lpd file ???

lpd ignoring the hosts.lpd file ???

Post by Carl Pet » Sun, 11 Mar 2001 10:56:19

Hi Anyone,

I've got a problem with lpd.  My set up is a main computer and a LAN to
a diskless workstation which boots via bootp/tftp then NFS mounts its
root off a subdirectory on my main machine dedicated to it and NFS
mounts the usual /usr/bin /usr/sbin type directories so binaries aren't
duplicated unneccessarily.  Diskless workstation has simple old line
printer attached.  Most everything runs fine on it (X, etc., ftp client
and server, telnet client and server, mail, doom) and once I set lpd
running in the startup, lpr commands worked fine.

However can't print from main computer to this printer attached to the
diskless workstation.  It seems to be a privilege problem as when I
queue jobs they just sit there and any lpq command brings back an error
about "dlworks: lpr: lp: your host is not authorised on this machine",
yet hosts.lpd contains perfectly good entries which work fine in the
corresponding file, hosts.allow, to let ftp services work.  What's more
the printcap entry on the diskless workstation doesn't contain the rs

Howto's and man pages are of no further use.

Anyone got any clues?


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machine.  However, I'd like to be able to print to the Linux box without
having to add users to the Linux box.

I've added all the machines that will access the printer into the
/etc/hosts.lpd file and here is a copy of the pertinent entry in my
/etc/printcap file:


Thanks for any help you might be able to offer!

Cheers, Luc.
P.S. Please also reply to the following address:

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