trumpet winsock crynwr plip & linux plip

trumpet winsock crynwr plip & linux plip

Post by Rick L » Tue, 06 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have gotten linux plip / linux plip to work
now I am trying to get trumpet winsock & crynwr plip
/ linux plip to work.

the problem is when I execute crynwr plip
it comes back with

until I hit any key, then it tells me
what the install has setup.

is this an error message ?

anyone run into this before ???
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I can connect two PC's running Linux Version 1.2.9 using Linux's
PLIP. I can't however connect a Linux box with a DOS box running
the Crynwr packetdriver version 11.0, though the comments
in Linux's plip.c claim that it should work.

What I noticed is that the wiring diagrams for Crynwr's
and for Linux's plip differ: the Linux documentation explicitly
states not to use pins 1, 14 and 16, whereas the Crynwr documentation
requires to connect 1 - 1, 14 - 14 and 16 -16.

Any hint is highly appreciated.

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