pcmcia, 3Com Wireless, can kernel recompiling

pcmcia, 3Com Wireless, can kernel recompiling

Post by Marc Lancto » Thu, 19 Dec 2002 03:29:27


I'm trying to get my 3Com AirConnect Wireless card to work on my laptop
  using Slackware 8.1. I downloaded & installed the newest (or what was
the newest a few months ago) pcmcia drivers (pcmcia-3.2.1).

I know I'm supposed to use orinoco_cs driver. If I try to modprobe the
card, it beeps and flashes... everything seems cool. But when I do
iwconfig (or if I leave the card in the pcmcia slot while I boot, when
dhcp tries to obtain an IP address) I get a kernel trap (NULL
dereference at address 0000000).

Do I have to recompile the kernel after installing the new pcmcia
drivers? I'm not sure what's happening and it's only think I can think

Sorry if this is obvious.. I'm rather new to linux


1. 3com Wireless PCMCIA network drivers.

Hello All,

I am looking for a network driver for my 3com PCMCIA network card.
The Model number of the card is 3CRWE737A. If someone knows a way to
configure this card with a generic driver that would be great. Keep in mind
after configuring the card the zone needs to be set up in properties. I am
running RedHat 7.2.

Thank You!

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