IPX & ncpfs

IPX & ncpfs

Post by <j.. » Wed, 13 Oct 1999 04:00:00


Having problems connecting from a linux box running Mandrake 6 to a Novell 5

I have setup the net card for TCP/IP without problems and can access the
rest of the network so the card driver seems to be OK (tulip pci driver)

Downloaded ncpfs 2.2.0 & followed instructions. When I compile, I get some
errors regarding variables. Did a make install for luck, just to see, then
tried to setup the IPX addresses etc. I have managed to 'see' the server
once with nwfsinfo but lost it again.

If anyone has any experience of ncpfs & Novell, please let me know & I will
post any required info.

This is driving me nuts cos all my printers hang off the Novell server and I
can't print fat all................

B. Rgds