Connecting to DSL using Linux and rp-pppoe

Connecting to DSL using Linux and rp-pppoe

Post by Edward Ya » Thu, 30 Mar 2000 04:00:00

After several tries, I have finally got it to work; and I would like to
share my
experience to anyone who may be having the same problem and may find
this info
helpful.  Here's what I did:

1.    I downloaded the file rp-pppoe-1.7-1.i386.rpm at Roaring Penguin's

2.    I then followed the instructions of the HOW-TO-CONNECT file
        (on this directory: /usr/doc/rp-pppoe-1.7).

And that was it; every time I boot up the computer it starts the
"firewall" and
the "adsl"--I can access the net right after logging in!
Now that's convenience!  :o)

There's an `Installation' instructions on the site.  I followed it, but
it gave
me an error message every time the adsl-setup script:

  sed -e expression #1, char 21: Unknown option to 's'
  ** Error modifying /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf
  ** Quitting

The `adsl-setup' may for work for some, and vice versa.  Try running
this script
first before trying step 2.  If it works, kewl; if not, then try step 2.

NOTE:  My computer has RedHat 6.1, and rp-pppoe has only been tested on
6.1, for
now.  To install rp-pppoe on non-RedHat systems, you may need to get the
gzipped tar file' from Roaring Penguin's site.

Again, I hope this info helps.


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I have a problem in RH8.0 bundled rp-pppoe (rp-pppoe-3.4-7), please

I am setting up linux server as NAT, which share t he internet
connection to the client PCs at home. I was using RH7.2 before and
there is no problem at all. My problem in RH8.0 is that: I setup
rp-pppoe (ifup ppp0) to run at startup of the machine. Basically, it
starts up without any problem at all. But, it never runs
/etc/ppp/ip-up. Which means that the ip masquerading process didn't
bring up at all. What I have to is to ssh to the server everytime
after the server boots up and run /etc/ppp/ip-up manually, before my
clients can use the internet connect. I realized that the
configurations files are quite different from the one that I was using
in 7.2, e.g it doesn't use /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf anymore, instated it
put all the information in

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