detecting tcp/udp socket bind in kernel module

detecting tcp/udp socket bind in kernel module

Post by hari_kan.. » Fri, 23 Mar 2007 03:34:57


I want to detect tcp/udp socket binds programmatically i.e. I want to
write a module which will "know" whenever any tcp/ip application does
a  tcp or udp socket bind. In SLES9/RHEL3.X versions, we used to  trap
the "bind" function in inet_dgram_ops and tcpsniff_bind, but in SLES10/
RHEL4.x versions, those variables have become "const" in af_inet.c

What we did before was

        udp.save_bind = inet_dgram_ops.bind;
        udp.save_release = inet_dgram_ops.release;
        inet_dgram_ops.bind = udpsniff_bind;
        inet_dgram_ops.release = udpsniff_release;


        tcp.save_bind = inet_stream_ops.bind;
        tcp.save_release = inet_stream_ops.release;
        inet_stream_ops.bind = tcpsniff_bind;
        inet_stream_ops.release = tcpsniff_release

I cant do that anymore because inet_stream_ops and inet_dgram_ops are
const in SLES10.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


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thanks in advance-

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