Accessing Internet via proxy server

Accessing Internet via proxy server

Post by Stuart Par » Sat, 03 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have a situation where I can access a local network that
has a connection to the internet.  However, this connection
is via a proxy server. (I access the network via a dial-up
PPP connection)

i.e. if I set up a PPP connection to this local network, I
can only access machines in the local network and nothing
in the internet.  However, if I start up netscape and set
up the "manual proxy server" section to go through the proxy
server I can then access anything in the internet.. but
I can't access these external sites via other linux programs
(e.g. telnet, ftp, etc).  

How do I set up the rest of my Linux system to use this
proxy server?

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