rpc.bootparamd wont compile

rpc.bootparamd wont compile

Post by paonia Ezri » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to compile rpc.bootparamd on a linux boot using gcc 2.7.0 I
have also tried it on a non ELF box. I have the bootparamd code that
comes with sun3 Xkernel for linux. When try to compile it I get:
rpcgen -h -o bootparam_prot.h bootparam_prot.x
rpcgen -m -obootparam_prot_svc.c bootparam_prot.x
gcc -c bootparam_prot_svc.c -o bootparam_prot_svc.o
rpcgen -c -o bootparam_prot_xdr.c bootparam_prot.x
gcc -c bootparam_prot_xdr.c -o bootparam_prot_xdr.o
gcc -c rpc.bootparamd.c -o rpc.bootparamd.o
rpc.bootparamd.c: In function `bootparamproc_whoami_1':
rpc.bootparamd.c:26: number of arguments doesn't match prototype
bootparam_prot.h:152: prototype declaration rpc.bootparamd.c: In function
`bootparamproc_getfile_1':  rpc.bootparamd.c:89: number of arguments
doesn't match prototype bootparam_prot.h:155: prototype declaration make:
*** [rpc.bootparamd.o] Error 1
any help would be apprecated.

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I am having trouble compiling rpc.bootparamd. I am trying to get the
Xkernel package to work with my 3/60. I have tryed the source that comes
with the package, the source in the main Xkernel package, and the source
for NetBSD. With the NetBSD version I have to use pmake (BSD Make), but
all three fail with the same error: The actual parameters in the
function do not match those in the prototype. If you have any tips on
compiling this please send me email.


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