Excessive Collisions with Asante BNC Hubs

1. Asante Hubs/3COM cards/SCO Servers

I have a problem that I have been able to reproduce on multiple
segments of our network. Whenever I attempt to FTP from a SCO box (ODT
2.0, ODT 3.0 or OSR 5.0) using a 3COM Etherlink III (I think) card to
a box on another BNC segment using ANY other NIC besides the 3COM
Etherlink III card the FTP rates are on the order of 9K/sec. Normal
transfer rates are on the order of 300-600K/sec. An Asante hub
connects these segments. When I use any other hub the problem
disappears. I have tried isolating the segments, moving the segments,
moving servers to other segments. Nada. I have contacted Asante about
this and they have not had the time to set up a test. If any one else
has a similar setup, I would be curious if you are having any similar

Larry Webb

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