Printing to Windows Printer (printcap??)

Printing to Windows Printer (printcap??)

Post by Wade Well » Fri, 20 Sep 2002 14:16:17

System Config: [this is a stamped input may be more info than needed]
HP NETSERVER 2000LC ; Dual 1Ghz P3
HPnetRaid SCSI Controller
sda = 4 disk Raid 5 array Mandrake 8.2
sdb = 1 disk Raid 0 FreeBSD 4.6.2
hda = CD-Rom
hdb = 3.2GB (old HD currently non bootable  Lycoris/Redmond)
I am trying to print to my windows printer from Mandrake 8.2 needless to say
it is not working.
what should I have in my printcap file?

I went off of a reference that also had me inputting into a .configure file
in the spool directory.  Nothing works so something I am doing is off, also
the .configure file did not exist until I put it there, (even viewing hidden

Samba is up and working if that is valid, and the Printer is an HP inkjet.
(primarily photosmart 1115, also there is a deskjet 895cxi on the same
windows machine)  Although I don't think all that matters.

If you have gone through this and can help me out or give me the necessary
input for printcap and any other files, I would appreciate it.



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