help with pppd nd chat

help with pppd nd chat

Post by David E Berthiaume » Thu, 21 Mar 1996 04:00:00


        I need help. I ftped to sunsite and got
and used installpkg ppp.tgz to install it and then I rebooted.
now it says that /usr/sbin/pppd and /usr/sbin/chat don't exist
or more correctly no such file or directory.

        What do I do to fix that?


1. pppd & chat - chat not talking to serial port

How do you tell chat which serial port to use ?

Main problem, using pppd as described in NAG and the Network HOWTO,
the command immediatly returns to the command line with no apparent
serial io.

Breaking down the command to just chat, yields data output to the
screen.  Does PPPD redirect stdin/stdout to the chat command or is
there a method for specifying serial device to chat ?  The man pages
don't indicate either.

        echo atdt > /dev/cua3

My pppd command line :
pppd connect 'chat -v "" ATDT*70,5555555 CONNECT "" ogin: mylogin
word: mypass /dev/cua3 38400 debug crtscts modem

I've tried w/ and w/o default route (this shouldn't matter at this


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