browsing the web thru a linux gateway

1. allowing outside world to browse NT thru Linux

To all the helpers

MY setup is as below

++++++++            Modem   ++++++++
+              +               ++++  +
+                              +               +
+              +----------+     +-+              +------------------
+               +
+              +               ++++  +
+                               +              +
++++++++                               ++++++++
Internet ASCEND MAX         Linux as mail server              WIN NT as
activex web SERVER

Basically the setup what i need is all the Internet world should browse
The WINNT WEB server

The ppp0 IP address is   ------->valid Internet IP
The linux box Eth0:0  is   -------> valid Inter net IP
the linux box  eth0     is   -------> Masqurea IP for LAn
of 90 W/s

The NT server Ip      is
gateway on NT M/c  is
subnet mask

i have ebnable Ipforwardin on both NT and Linux box

I have point in the ISP's  Name server in the and  I my Name record.

www           cname           

I have been sucessful tracert's

when i tracert trace is sucessul
when i tracert trace stops at

I could able to ping the ppp0 address and from the NT M/c
,but not beyond that.

Sure i'm missing some thing in the Linux box either in ipfawdm in
/etc/rc.d/rc.local or any extra routing .

 any one there to help on this issue


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