NFS PROBLEM - RPC Timeout error

NFS PROBLEM - RPC Timeout error

Post by Omar Francis » Tue, 13 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have a problem with NFS that hopefully someone outthere has seen and
has a fix for it.  I have two computers both running Linux.  The first
time I setup NFS shares on one computer I can access the shares from
the the other computer without a problem.  Once I reboot the computer
I get an RPC Timeout error when trying to mount the directories.

I do showmount from the NFS server and the directories being share
show up.

I can mount the directory being shared locally on the NFS server.  But
not from another computer.

The client NFS is ok on the client computer - I can mount directories
from a SUN system without a problem.

I am using RedHat 5.0 on both the client and the server.

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.



1. NFS - RPC Timeout errors

I have a machine that has been providing a number of services for about a
year now without any problems.  Recently the NFS services have become very
unstable.  Hosts that attempt to mount it's exported /usr/local/src
directory often get an RPC timeout error message.  Both Linux hosts and NCR
System V hosts see this error.  Strangely though, sometimes the mount will
work but fades after a few minutes giving more RPC timeouts.  Originally I
thought that the problem was stemming from the machines 162 continous days
of uptime but a reboot only left me with the same problem.  I haven't made
any software changes to the host in some time other than the addition of
the Samba package.  Also, typing netstat -a will sometimes hang for very
long periods of time (several minutes) and other times it will run quickly.
It's not a problem with the drive or directory itself as the SMB services
through samba are performing fine.  I have tried restarting rpc.mountd and
rpc.nfsd after shutting down Samba which didn't help any.

The machine's config is as follows:
        Linux 2.0.29 (I just upgraded it from 2.0.7 to see if that would
                      solve anything but it hasn't)
        3com 509 ISA card
        486dx 33mhz, 20 megs of ram, VLB motherboard, etc...

There are no error messages in /var/log/messages about this problem.
Could this be a hardware problem?  I have replaced the ethernet wire that
the machine connects to as well as the hub that it plugs into with no luck.
I will replace the 3com board next.  I have another linux machine at 2.0.27,
also providing NFS services, sitting right next to this one and it continues
to work perfectly.

Any help is appreciated!
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