Post by DM » Fri, 20 Jan 2006 05:51:01

I am running RHEL 3 on a dual cpu intel box.  I am having intermittent
delays with Telnet (see previous post- 'telnet delays') over a two
different vpn connections - local telnet okay.  I do a netstat when the
user(s) report a problem and I see a bunch of these:

tcp        0      0 localhost.localdomain:48752
localhost.localdomain:ipp   TIME_WAIT

When the delay goes away so do those lines.

Q: What does the ipp part mean? Is it a print job?

Q: Will changing the tcp_fin_timeout make a significant difference?


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Dear All ,

I am trying to configure IPP printing from our Sun server running solaris 8
to print to a remote device in another office via internet (using IPP). The
destination print server is a axis 5600+ .

Question is how to add the configuration in lpadmin or any other ways ?

Thank you in advance

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