WWW-page on X.25 and Frame-Relay for linux 0.1.3.

WWW-page on X.25 and Frame-Relay for linux 0.1.3.

Post by Kristoff Bon » Tue, 12 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Greetings to All.

Version 0.1.3. of the WWW-page on X.25 and Frame-Relay for linux is
now available.

The most noticable change is:

'linux-X25 France' (one of the non-commercial X.25-for-linux projects)
has been drasticaly changed.
Where it used to be a project based on 1 partical PC X.25-card
(mitec), is it now a project porting the netccitt stack from BSD to

This opens X.25 up for a much larger group of -all kinds of- X.25
PC-cards and -therefore- a much larger group of people. (at least,
this is what we hope).

Any further info on this project or IP-over-X.25:

- http://www.ping.be/user/Kristoff.Bonne/linux-x.25/ (mind the capital
'K' and 'B')

Comments on the content or lay-out of the WWW-page:

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.

Groetjes uit Oostende, Belgi?.

X.25/FrameRelay-voor-linux en traceroute-via-WWW :  http://www.ping.be/~ping0778/


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Jim Williams.

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