Making rwhod broadcast more frequently

Making rwhod broadcast more frequently

Post by Dennis Jenki » Tue, 29 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Is there a way to make the rwho daemon broadcast it's stats every 30
seconds instead of every 3 minutes (w/out recompiling it)?  If a
recompile is necessary, then do I have to modify the rwho and ruptime
clients also?


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1. Want rwhod to broadcast to another net


I need to get rwhod to broadcast to another net, as there is a terminal
server on another net and needs to know what machines are up and running.
The machines in question are PC's running SCO, Linux and some sort of half-
baked Solaris, so I guess I would need source code for rwhod so that I
could compile it on all the different platforms.

This limitation of not being able to forward rwhod info to other nets is
mentioned at the end of the man page entry for rwhod, and I'm wondering if
anyone has gotten around to fix it. I'm even fairly willing to run two
rwhod daemons per machine, broadcasting the info to the two different nets.
Or, running one rwhod forwarder or whatever...

Chris O'Byrne, Ireland On-Line.

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