Limiting user access to the network card, is that possible ?

Limiting user access to the network card, is that possible ?

Post by KingKiril » Mon, 10 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hi !

First, the setup:

LINUX 2.2.16 box connected to Inet and Private network

eth0   = Inet
eth0:0 = Private Net (IP Aliasing)

Users ssh from Internet on the box to do their business

Second, the requirement:

Restrict the access to the eth0:0 (internal network) to the selected group of
users, so that only those who where choosen can access internal network from the

And finaly the question :) Is that possible at all ? There are no /dev/ethxx,
ipchains does not support user/group level accounting (AFAIK). If that is not
possible, what will be the best walkaround ?


King Kirill


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