ISP connection sharing via a PPP connection with NULL-MODEM

ISP connection sharing via a PPP connection with NULL-MODEM

Post by Paolo Scaffard » Tue, 30 May 2000 04:00:00

I have two computers with RH Linux 6.2 and one modem.
I have configured the first PC with NetCfg to connect to my ISP via PPP.
Now, i have connected the other PC to the first one with a NULL-MODEM serial
cable, and i'd like to share its Internet connection via that serial line.

I think i need to configure a PPP-Client on the second PC and a PPP-Server
on the first-one, but i dont know how to do it...

I also dont understand what is the name of PPPD's dynamically created
"network device"... how can i see it?

How can i do that?
Can you help me?

Please forward the replay to my e-mail, too.

Thanx to all!


1. trouble with ppp connection over null-modem cable

I have partially succeeded in connecting a PowerPC and a Linux box with
a crossover cable using PPP. However I am not able to receive files from
the server.
I have started pppd on Linux with this command:

# pppd -detach crtscts /dev/ttyS1 38400 &

It seems to work when I launch a FreePPP connection on the Macintosh
since I can read the IP adresses in the "FreePPP Information" window.

Besides, when I type the "netstat -r" command, I get something like

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window
irtt Iface       *       UH     1500 0
0 ppp0       *             U      3584 0
0 lo

Though, when I ping the Mac from the shell, it always return something
like "n packets transmitted", "0 packets received" and "100% packet

Once, I also surprisingly had the ping working, though the telnet and
http protocol from the Mac were still not working.

Another strange thing is that I can open a FreePPP session from the Mac
whithout having to fill the "user name" and "password" sections.

I wonder whether the problem comes from a misconfiguration in Linux, the
Mac or the null-modem cable ?

Any hint or help would be of a great help,


David H.

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