Fore ATM network cards--Help!!

Fore ATM network cards--Help!!

Post by Kevin Tambasci » Sat, 19 Oct 1996 04:00:00


A friend and I are currently interested in installing Linux for our
however, I am not aware of any Linux drivers for the FORE ATM network
cards.  Other people in our dorm who run Linux have a regular ethernet,
however, earlier this year, my friend and I upgraded to 155 Mbps ATM
I checked out the FORE web site, but there was no mention of drivers for
Linux.  For an ATM card, you must have a 32-bit operating system, so it
possible that they could exist.  

If anyone has any information, I would appreciate your help.  This is
only factor that is preventing me from installing linux.

Kevin Tambascio


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Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience using Fore Systems PCI ATM cards in a
non-Sun box running solaris.

I am setting up a test IPv6 POP using ATM internally. I saw a good
deal on some nics and was wondering if anyone had any hints or tips
that would help me.

PS: my main servers are two e3500's using Forerunner SBA-200's.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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