ISDN: hscx_empty_fifo: incoming packet too large

ISDN: hscx_empty_fifo: incoming packet too large

Post by Koos Po » Tue, 08 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I just can't get my Linux box to connect to my ISP. Linux keep
screaming: hscx_empty_fifo: incoming packet too large. This occurs
staight after connecting. At this point the LCP sequences have not been
processed at all yet.
The funny thing is that it goes flawlessly under Windows NT. I also have
connected successfully to a different ISP under Linux, using my current
My personal guess is that is related to the hardware used by my ISP in
conjuction with i4l.

 - Changing MRU doesn't help.
 - Tried both synchonous (ipppd) and asynchronous (ttyI0)
 - Tried the Cisco flag

I am running out of ideas. Anyone has any idea what is going wrong here?
(Using Teles 16.3 -not the PnP version-  with the latest HiSax drivers)

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