ethernet pcmcia: promiscous mode

ethernet pcmcia: promiscous mode

Post by gck » Mon, 28 May 2001 22:43:45

I use a "Compushack Fastline" 10/100 MBit PCMCIA ethernet adapter on
2.2.16 (Suse kernel) with pcmcia-cs 3.1.17, "pcnet_cs.o" and "8390.o"
loaded as drivers...

Basically, the card works fine but when putting it into promiscous mode,
packets not addressed at the host itself are passed to the ip layer even
"ifconfig" shows the "PROMISC" flag and the kernel reports that the
has entered promiscous mode without any error messages! Also
assuming that host A pings host B and my notebook is one the same
the status leds on the media coupler of the card flash, meaning that the
NIC is receiving data but still nothing is passed to the ip layer. At
time of this test, no other traffic was going over the network and the
network is not switched! For this reason, I assume that the NIC must be
the problem rather than broken sniffer applications (I used tcpdump).

I've heard that some PC-Card Ethernet adapters refuse to go into a true
promiscous mode due to limitations in either the firmware or the driver.
any of you believe that the driver is responsible for this, you could
help me...

However, if there are limitations in the firmware, I will have to buy a
pccard NIC, I guess... for this reason, if anyone knows an ethernet
that a) works in both 10 and 100 Mbit mode (full/half-duplex) b) is
as a CardBus adapter which c) really passes ALL the the frames to the ip
layer when put in promisc mode and d) works with linux of course :-)
please post the product name and vendor of the NIC as reply to this

PS: I'm sorry for having cross-posted a similar message to

but after I didn't not receive any replies I decided to retry in
Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to you but the issue is
really important to me!


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