making "routed" broadcast static gateway info

making "routed" broadcast static gateway info

Post by Nicholas Farrel » Wed, 23 Aug 2000 10:09:15

I'm sure I'm overlooking something really simple:

I have installed "routed" on my gateway - intranet on one NIC, cable
modem on the other. Machines in the intranet have routed running.

Internally, all is well. Routing information is distributed as it should
be. However, I can't get the gateway to pass information about its link
to the internet! I wanted to edit /etc/gateways with a line like:

net gateway metric 1 passive

but of course passive links aren't broadcast by routed; they're only
used locally. If i say that it's an active gateway, the route gets
deleted, because there's no response from routed's request for
information. and of course "external" is useless.

So how do you do it??? routed is a fairly useless program if it can only
manipulate routing tables dealing with other routed gateways...

thanks for any replies.

Nick Farrell.


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