Intranet Service Registery

Intranet Service Registery

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 Before undertaking a project idea that I have I would like to be able
 to guage whether there is an interest in it. The project description
 follows, I would be interested in knowing whether there is any real
 interest in it:


Intranet Service Registery

The aim of this project is to create a registery with which the diverse
services on the intranet can register themselves. For example, you start
up add a new web server in your intranet, the server would register
with the registery automatically making itself known to everyone. The
registery would not be limited to web servers, it could provide support
for NNTP, list servers, mail servers, etc.

In order to make itself known I expect some sort of broadcast mechanism
by the registrees to find the registration server. I am also it the
in deciding what the best base protocol would be, that is TCP/IP or some
higher level prototocol such as RPC or CORBA.

The kind of information that I would expect to be provided be the

   URL - i.e. protocol, address, port, etc.
   Human Description - A human explanation of the service

To keep the protocol simple and to support easy extension in the future,
believe that maybe all this information should be stored using XML.

In the beginning to ease take up a simple wrapper program could be


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