Geographic domain registration: example <host>

Geographic domain registration: example <host>

Post by Thomas Edward Whit » Sun, 18 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I'd like to do this, and I've read a couple of RFCs and the application
from IANA. I know it's largely unnecessary, that you can get the service
from an ISP pretty cheap these days, but I want to try it anyway. Any of
you folks succeeded in getting this type of domain? Here are the
requirements, as I understand them:

1. You have to maintain your own DNS zone file, and have a properly set
up DNS. No problem with Linux, assuming you know what you're doing.

2. You need an IP. Mine is dynamic, but not very. I have a cable modem
connection, which means that the duration of my IP is the same as
uptime. The zone and reverse lookup files could be modified manually or
automatically with each reboot, and the TTL set to a reasonably short

3. Your zone file needs to be set up on two different name servers in
two different physical locations. Or does it? Reading the requirements,
I'm not sure this is required for a personal machine, or if it's only
needed for name servers that serve an entire city. This would make the
whole thing impractical. I'm hoping that I only need one name server,
the same machine as the host.

4. What if you move? No problem, according to the RFC. Apply for and get
a new domain, then put a CNAME or A record in your zone file that points
the old domain to your current IP. Or, I suppose you could keep the old
one, if you don't mind people thinking you live somewhere you don't.

Has anybody done this just for your box? I remember an article a couple
of years back in Linux Today about this. A few years back, the IANA was
thinking this address scheme could be used by small businesses and
individuals. In practice, though, it has been adopted by schools,
libraries, community colleges, city and county governments, etc. It is
still available for individuals, though.

When my drooling friends ask me where they can get a kewl email address
like mine, I can say, sorry bubba, you'll have to install Linux.

Oh, BTW, no annual registration fees needed to your ISP or Networking
Whoever (I know it's a trivial expense. File all this under being
inquisitive, exploring what's out there.) No problem with names being
already used: you can call the hostname portion whatever you like.

Tom Ed White



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